Stewart 51 Partner LLC

Estimated Costs

As of early 2017, we estimate that our new production Fast Build (FAA approved 51% Builder Construction) kits will price out in the $200,000 range.  This version of the kit will include all sheet metal components, with 49% of the riveting accomplished by the factory, leaving 51% for the builder to complete.  We also plan to offer a "Box of Parts" option that will cost less than the Fast Build kit, but we do not have that priced out, either.  Both versions will include the machined components such as landing gear, and canopy and windshield plastic. 


In addition to the kit, the builder will need to have an engine built up, so budget up to $40,000 for a properly done engine with proper ignition and fuel system.  The Prop Speed Reduction Unit is presently priced at $26,500, and a prop built up from some new components and some used will cost no less than $20,000.  Figure at least $10,000 for a safe collection of instruments and avionics for the panel. 


The builder will also supply all rivets and hardware not used in the Fast Build kit.