Stewart 51 Partner LLC
Ole Ringstad, pictured above, recently displayed his BMW based 12 cylinder engine and related systems at Aero 2019 Exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany.  There is a YouTube interview of Ole available in which you can hear his update and see the engine as he displayed it.  Search AvWeb Video on YouTube and look for "Ole Ringstad's 12 CYL Sport Engine."  Ole plans to begin testing soon.  We are all pulling for Ole to successfully develope this powerplant.  He has put a lot of thought and effort into it and is close to running and proving.
Doll Ground Runs
John Baughman and Curtis Godfrey assisted with installing the prop (Well, actually, they did all the work on installing the prop!).  These fellows manned fire extinguishers and stood ready as we performed the first run with the prop on.  As noted in our earlier post, the run went well, discovering one oil line that I had failed to tighten properly.  Other than that, she did fine.  Another run a few days later went well, also. 
Above, we have laid out the left and right wing ribs on their respective rib blocks from Wing Station 150.00 (tip) inboard to 43.25 to measure for extending the blanks, and thus, the rib nose further forward.  This is a small detail that is not absolutely necessary for structural purposes, but it will allow for one more rivet forward, which will more closely match the original ribs.
We began a Condition Inspection on Doll in March, using the Inspection Checklist on this website.  Below, Brendon Doherty working the left main while I worked the right.  Should finish up mid April, when we will perform our final ground runs, put all the panels and covers and fairings back on, and get her ready to fly.

We'll keep you posted.
April - June 2019
The Spring Quarter saw slow progress on our condition inspection, such that we do not anticipate getting Doll to Oshkosh this year.  We had removed the prop governor mounting bracket to allow Robert Abernathy to reproduce it for Mike Goransky's engine and our new engine for our respective S51's under construction.  The removal, turnaround, and reinstallation ate some time.

If you are attending Oshkosh this year and want to visit with a few S51 participants, come by the Replica Fighters Association building Wednesday July 24th at 3:00 for a couple of short presentations.  I will update current builders on our parts production progress and Cliff Fitch will unveil a new hydraulic component for the main gear up  lock we will be offering.  We might also have a visit from test pilot Elliot Seguin, who has been flying Rod Bower's S51, his schedule allowing.  Another possible drop-in is a gentleman we are visiting with about assembling our Fast-Build kits.  Join us if you can work it into a busy day at AirVenture.

Bill Keyes might have his turbine S51 up again this year, but will probably be the only realistic prospect to make it this year.  Jim Gohm has had several good flights toward his 40 hours out in Prescott, Arizona.  Cliff Fitch has flown several times lately toward his.  We are getting our condition inspection finished and about to start more ground runs, then reassemble for flight.  Jack Peck is close to making repairs to his main gear.  Parker Miller and Pat Stanley are adding an oil cooler to their project, and are close to flying.    Maybe we'll have a good number of S51's at Oshkosh next year.

July - Oshkosh - News and Events

Several builders and other interested parties plan to meet at Oshkosh in the Replica Fighters building Wednesday afternoon the 24th at 3:00 Central Time (2000 Z).  We'll see a new design for the main gear downlock converting it from a mechanically operated to a hydraulicly operated mechanism, sample parts from D & D Classics, and an unorganized slide show on my laptop of random S51 subjects.  If you have time and want to learn more about building and operating S51's, feel free to join us.