Stewart 51 Partner LLC

About Us

Stewart 51 Partner LLC holds the trademark, manufacturing, and marketing rights for the Stewart S51 Mustang designed and brought into kit form by Jim and Peggy Stewart.  Our company is assisting existing kit builders out of our inventory of machined parts and making plans to once again offer full kits for the Stewart S51.  Stewart 51 Partner LLC owns one completed S51, Beautiful Doll; and the Stewart S51 prototype, N51S.

Production of kits under Mr. Stewart's tenure wound down in the late 1990's when the rights were acquired by Precision Aeronautical Engineering.  Stewart 51 Partner LLC and Scale Replica Fighters acquired the rights from PAE in 2007, with Stewart 51 Partner LLC consolidating ownership at the end of 2011.

Mr. Stewart's original company, Stewart 51 Inc., had contracted with High Performance Aircraft International in the Czech Republic for most of the sheet metal components for the kit.  HPAI assisted existing builders by providing airframe components that were not delivered in the transition between Stewart 51, Inc. and PAE.  HPAI shut down operations in 2012.

In addition to contacting us, builders and pilots interested in learning more about the Stewart S51 can run internet searches under "Stewart 51 Mustang" and similar descriptions to read material made available by builders and YouTube contributors.  Of particular interest would be information made available by Owen Smith, a builder and leader in the Stewart builder community, which gives some history and background on the plane.