Stewart 51 Partner LLC
Sep/Oct/Nov 2021 News
Above, unloading yet another container of parts.

Below, a set of Fast-Build wings to be unloaded.
Our Pensacola warehouse is almost finished, lacking final landscaping and interior items.  The photos above show some of the parts and components we have been relocating to this building through the summer.  We still have a long way to go with organizing parts over the next several months.
The Frustration.   We have a builder in Australia needing a canopy frame.  You can see above where I have laid out some of the parts.  The third piece in the lower section of the picture is obviously NOT the correct part.  I have ten or more of every other piece, but NONE of the correct piece for that corner.  I do have the tool to hydroform these pieces (5240-7), but I have to wonder how I have wound up with a good many of some parts and none of the corresponding parts.  I have run into this phenomenon on several occasions.  

We will be fabricating these pieces and getting our Aussie friend equipped.  He has been more than patient and gracious waiting on us to supply.