Stewart 51 Partner LLC
November/December 2019
Going back to our oil temp issue of September's flight, you'll see, above, the oil filter / flow adaptor on the left, which was installed on the engine.  This one did not correctly route oil through the oil cooler.  We ordered and installed the adaptor you see on the right to simplify oil flow in the system.

The photo below shows the fittings installed, the next one down shows the adaptor installed in the engine block where the old adaptor and oil filter had been.
The "OUT" line (bottom line in photo) routes to the remote oil filter pad, shown below, then to the oil cooler, then back up through the firewall into the engine via the "IN" fitting, then on to bearings and auxillary needs.

The manifold shown below allows oil routing for several functions:  Prop governor supply, Preoiler output into engine, supply for PSRU lubrication through oil jets, and supply from one of the engine oil pressure sources.  In the old setup, there was also a pickup for oil pressure gauge supply.

The view below of the remote oil filter pad shows where we relocated the oil pressure pickup.  There is a dramatic difference in oil pressure indication from the old pickup to this one, given the changes we made.
We hope everyone had a good 2019, and that 2020 will be a good one, also.