Stewart 51 Partner LLC
June, July News and Events

June and July saw some progress on several fronts:  We are further along with the engine re-installation on Doll, had a nice visit from the former Production Engineer
of the former Czech company that had produced the last kits, and visited Oshkosh.
Petr Varadi, pictured above, is the former Production Engineer for the Czech company that built the last S51 Fast Build Kits, and has continued to follow the story of the plane he used to build.  Petr came to the U.S. this summer, and visited with us for several days in July, listening to our plans and offering his advice on getting production started again.  He spent time with us in Pensacola, also, comparing notes with Rod Dill as Rod and I continued to iron out our leading edge production methodology.  Petr and his comrades fabricated many of the parts for the airframe during their run in the Czech Republic, but did sub-contract the leading edge skin to a glider production company.  Petr is staying involved with us as we move closer to offering kits again.
On our way to Oshkosh, we diverted over to Ohio and visited with Mark Kenneson and his crew at D & D Classics.  Mark had worked with Jim Stewart on the original run of belly scoop inlets and chin scoops, and still has the steel form buck they used back in the 90's.  We took sample parts and some other tooling.  We'll be working with Mark on these two components, as well as exhaust shrouds.
At Oshkosh, we attended the Lifetime Members Dinner.  Elliot Seguin, the man flying Rod Bowers' S51, was the featured speaker.  As an added bonus, we wound up with Elliot at our table for dinner.  Elliot did a great job entertaining the audience with his presentation of how the culture of EAA people is the dominant theme that drives him to fly and experiment and test as he does.  It was an excellent presentation.

S51 builders Cliff Fitch and Dan Malloy, and Dan's brothers and son, and Dr. Jamon Pruitt met for dinner one night at our usual haunt, formerly The Charcoal Pit, now called The Hangar.  We had a good visit and caught each other up on things.

My two main focus points over the next several months will be getting the leading edge production methodology finalized and getting Doll back in the air.  We'll keep you posted.