Stewart 51 Partner LLC
December '18 / January 2019
We got the prop reinstalled in December.  With the prop on, we made two short ground runs, both of which went well.  After the runs, several visits to the hangar were spent securing more lines and wires, getting ready for more aggressive runs in January.

But, then, I  stopped and had my right shoulder replaced:  Have been putting it off for several years.  The surgery went well, and I am healing and doing the physical therapy on schedule, but I'll be late February before I can perform much substantive work on Doll.

Meanwhile, Cliff Fitch has had another successful flight as he flies after repairs in the Chicago area.  Cliff is catching hell lately with winter weather, but is flying when he can catch breaks from midwest freezing temperatures and wind.

Rod Bower's plane flew again this past weekend after two months down for landing gear and fuel pump work.  Elliot Seguin made the flight again and will probably post a video on his site.

Last, we think we have the new production wing leading edge sourced.  Brent Meester with Odegaard Wings has "bent" one for us that looks good.  Rod Dill and I met last week and have moved to have Chuck Pyritz at TPR cut our first new production main spar web, stringers, and other components.

Thanks for staying tuned .............