Stewart 51 Partner LLC
Sep/Oct/Nov 2021 News
Above, you'll see Willie Madden (Blue shirt standing nearest) and Boyd Pierce(Leaning on trailer door).  We met Willie and Boyd at a service station on one of our runs from Montgomery to Pensacola, moving parts and tooling for the S-51.

As we were refueling on the way down, we noticed the tire on the right side rear axle was a bit forward compared to where it looked like it should have been.  On closer inspection, we discovered the aft bracket for the leaf spring for the right side rear axle had separated from the chassis.  We had a situation on our hands.

We walked into the service station and explained our predicament to the folks there.  Willie and Boyd were drinking coffee at a booth in the restaurant area and offered they knew of a welder down their way (about three miles) that could help us out.  We followed them down there and pulled off to stay off the road, and, shortly, Norman Morris pulled up with his welding truck and sized up the situation.  That's Norman on the ground doing the welding.

You'll notice on the bottom picture the early prototype of the Mike Lindell "My Pillow" prototype Norman is resting his head on as he welds that bracket.  You'll also notice on the picture above one of the early Mattress Topper products Norman is lying on as he puts our trailer suspension back together.

These three fellows were life-savers.  What great luck to pull off for gas at a place where Willie and Boyd were having coffee.  What great luck they were willing to stop what they were doing to help us out, and what great luck they knew Norman, and what great luck Norman was available and willing to come help us out.  This country ain't over yet!  Nice people are amongst us!
Below, you'll see the sheet metal we bought from the HPAI people on our trip to the Czech Republic years ago.  There are eight .250" twelve foot by four foot sheets, and about twenty .040 sheets.  Those quarter inch sheets are doozies to handle and move.
In the middle of the trailer is the tilt rack I built to move the quarter inch sheets out of the trailer into the warehouse.  Below, you'll see the first sheet out.  The sheet is in good, undamaged condition:  the plastic film covering is what looks wavy.
We'll be moving more items into September.  Another update soon.