Stewart 51 Partner LLC
August 2019
We made several ground runs through August, into September, refining a few changes and checking results.
The photo below shows our run to check proof-of-concept of a coolant overflow recapture tank and running with all fairings and cowling (except this right piece to observe the coolant overflow tank) installed.  Running with fairings and cowling installed seemed to make a difference in the effective air flow through the radiator scoop.  We had heard about an episode years back where Jim's prototype had flown and had the inner gear doors drop open.  Visualize the doors hanging straight down under the belly, just in front of the radiator scoop inlet.  The disrupted airflow caused an increase in the coolant temperature.  We figured we had better run with as clean an aerodynamic condition as possible.  It was 94 degrees Farenheit late that morning as we ran.
The tank we tested was a plastic coolant overflow / recovery tank system that you see on most automobiles.
Up until now, Doll has flown and dumped excess coolant overboard.  By adding the tank we will recapture and generally have more than enough coolant on board at all times.  The system worked as it was supposed to.

Below, you'll see the Moroso tank we are installing as the final configuration.
We plan to be flying again by the end of September.  It's a plan.
On the west coast, Rod Bower and friends (Jim Czachorowski, Jim Gohm) got Rod's engine installed and Elliot Seguin got back in the saddle and took her up.  The flight went fine but for a flickering warning light.  Sounds like the sending unit was the problem, but congratulations to the Bower team for getting back off the earth.

We have received several crates of engine cowl stretch-formed pieces from Mooney.  Have not had time to get them out and check them closely, but will have to soon.