Stewart 51 Partner LLC
April thru August 2020
Above, a beautiful rainbow as I am waiting for an early morning thunderstorm to move by prior to my flight to KPRN and back.

After my April flight worked out so well, I scheduled a flight the following weekend to north Alabama to stretch the flight time and visit my friend in Muscle Shoals.  I pre-flighted and loaded and fired Doll up, and, doggone, the coolant pressure gauge pegged, obviously blown out inside.  I thought through making the trip or not and, of course, had to decide to scrub the trip, and shut down.  Thus began a two and a half month interlude between flights.

After locating another proper gauge, taking the opportunity to refine the plumbing to the gauge, weather, work schedule, and all the other delays that creep in, I finally made a couple of ground runs and leak checks and got back into the air on the morning of Saturday August 8th.  Had a nice takeoff and climbout to 9,500 feet toward Greenville, Alabama.  Once leveled off, I played with power settings lower than what I normally run.  I usually cruise at 3600 Rpm, but ran the engine down to 3000 for a good bit of the flight, checking engine parameters and cruise performance at different settings.  She ran smoothly at all combinations.

Reaching just south of the Greenville Airport, I turned back toward Pensacola, dropping down to 8,500 feet for the leg back to the coast.  It was a nice flight, and it felt good to have Doll back in the air again.

I plan to commute to Montgomery and back as often as I can in Doll over the next few weeks, then ferry down to Bartow to get with Harry and Joe on a couple of other refinements to a few items.  Meanwhile, I have commissioned having exhaust shrouds for the S51's built, am close to starting construction on a warehouse building to headquarter S51 kit operations, and visited Mooney Aircraft getting the last of our cowling parts stretch formed.

I'll update again soon.

Below, Doll on the ramp in KPNS after the run to Greenville and back.