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April, May News and Events
In the sling, then in the cradle.  Finally.  Now for some hooking up.

Below, you can see a little detail that slipped past us:  To make room for the Main Landing Gear in the wheel wells, the inner four ribs had to be "lengthened" from the main spar forward.  We did this with the tooling we built for those ribs.  What we missed in the instructions from Jim was that we also had to make them deeper toward the front to allow for the gear.  Looking back at the original tooling, we saw where they had made the same mistake, and had added metal, then reshaped.  We are in the middle of that process now on the four inside ribs on each side.
Below, shots of the Main Landing Gear components and Throttle Quadrants from Cliff Fitch.  Cliff and his son, Cliff III, drove them down to Montgomery and took stock of other parts we need to build.  Cliff and Cliff are doing excellent work on these parts.  You should see Cliff III modeling these parts and changing views and making them move and interact with one another on his computer.  Amazing talent and experience in these two men.  We are lucky to have them involved.
Rod Bower and Elliot Seguin are still flying Rod's time and researching his flight characteristics on his S51 out in California.  Elliot continues to post excellent YouTube videos of his flights and data.  Find them on his website Wasabi  Racing or YouTube.

Jim Gohm is flying in Arizona.  Good reports from Jim.

We'll update again soon.