Stewart 51 Partner LLC
Above, you're looking at the tailwheel from the S51 prototype airplane.  We have contracted with the supplier of these tailwheels and the tailwheel forks that are the same as the fork used on the prototype.  This might seem like a small point, but it does matter.

The forks we will be providing will be a single fork rather than the double fork that is on most previous kits.  The single fork, if not built strongly enough, has a tendency to bend, while the double fork is not to true scale:  The original P-51 has a single fork.  Thus, we will be supplying a very stout forged single fork with the new production.

I did get back down to Bartow in early April and did catch a good weather day and  had a forty five minute local flight in Doll.  She performed well, no write-ups.  As a last (hopefully) mod, we are going to move our oil cooler from the bottom of our inlet duct to a position higher in the duct to see if we can stay a little cooler during taxi in after flights.  If this change does not improve our ground cooling, we'll be adding a fan behind the radiator.  One way or the other, we want to get the ground coolant temp lower.

I am writing this update on Memorial Day.  We owe so much  to those who lost their lives in armed conflict and other tragedies that took their lives while serving in our military and other services.  So many thanks to those men and women.